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Our Philosophy

Dr. Kim and Dental Staff

Dr. Kim has been practicing dentistry in the greater Cincinnati area since 2002. His experience and strong values make Dr. Kim the dentist you can trust. Throughout his career, Dr. Kim’s priority has remained the same – your smile.

As a rule, Dr. Kim and his team keep your best interests in mind. He takes the time to learn your dental history and understand your current dental needs, and then recommends the services or procedures that best fit you.

Dr. Kim has developed a “no-rush” approach to dentistry. This means that he and his staff schedule enough time during each appointment to thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. They make sure you understand each dental procedure, so you feel relaxed and comfortable every step of the way. Unlike other practices where you feel rushed out the door, Dr. Kim prefers to spend the right amount of time with you.

Pain management is important to Dr. Kim. He schedules enough time to allow the anesthetic to be most effective. With each procedure, Dr. Kim does everything he can to keep you comfortable. He takes his time, uses quality anesthetics, and administers each anesthetic slowly and with care.

Unlike most dentists, Dr. Kim also provides surgical procedures in his office. For your convenience, the surgery can often be handled during your initial appointment. Since you are already familiar with Dr. Kim and his staff, you will be more at ease during the procedure. Also, Dr. Kim can be more affordable than a specialist.

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