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Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting ready for cosmetic dentistry appointment

Cosmetic dentistry includes a wide-variety of services that enhance the appearance of your smile. With Dr. Kim’s ‘no-rush’ dentistry approach, we take the time to understand your goals and recommend the best cosmetic solution for you.

If you are looking to remove stains, replace silver fillings or even fill in gaps, Dr. Kim and his team are ready to help. We use the latest technologies and brand-name, quality materials to give you that fantastic smile you deserve.

Below are several of the cosmetic dentistry services that Dr. Kim offers:

  • Bonding/white fillings – a procedure where tooth-colored material is applied and hardened to your tooth
  • All porcelain crowns – covers an existing tooth to improve the strength or appearance
  • Teeth whitening
    • Zoom teeth whitening
    • Take-home bleaching
  • Veneers– a thin layer of material placed over your tooth to protect a damaged tooth or enhance the looks of a tooth
    • Porcelain veneers